Our History

By Louise is not just a love affair with fashion.

It is above all a love story between Louise and Willy, as a couple and passionate about materials.

Complementary in life, it is natural that they unite around the creation of a brand that resembles them and work hand in hand on the design of each collection.

Together, they transcribe fashion like a Parisian ode to beautiful pieces and daring style.

By Louise is much more than a selection of timeless items, it is our vision of women's ready-to-wear. Lightness, softness, detail and chic character basics, easy to wear, found everywhere.

Between creations and vintage pieces, each of them reflects the contemporary universe of the capital with that touch of elegance that gives them that special and unique side.

Created in 2018, By Louise, continues to design the style to never get tired and allow you to always reinvent your look throughout the year with the seasons.

By Louise is perfect fashion, not made for a hundred women, but for all of you.